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Created in 1993 the L3i laboratory comprises 80 researchers with 34 permanents working in the domains of Computer Science, Image and Interaction.

The L3i is the STIC (Science and Technology of Information and Communication) research lab of the University of La Rochelle associating efficiently the researchers in Computer Science of the IUT and the Pôle Sciences as the majority of the professors in Computer Science and Computer Engineering of the University of La Rochelle are members of the L3i.

About scientific politics, the L3i lab is totally focussed onto regional (PRIDES, ERT "Interactivité numérique"), national, and international research networks in the areas of visibility of its scientific interaction, namely on video flows (cinema), document engineering, and digital interaction.

This is consolidated through a voluntarist politics of participation or leading of labelised research projects (ANR, PCRD, …).
Moreover, its international interaction is at present reinforced through privileged relationships with research centres such as the CVC in Barcelona (Spain), the Regim lab in Sfax (Tunisia), the MSI (unit of the IRD) and the MICA (international unit of the CNRS) in Hanoi (Vietnam), and the UniKL in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

publie le Wednesday 7 December 2011