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Marina Dehez Clementi, post-doc of e-Adapt team since yesterday, will present her PhD work during a lab seminar next Tuesday 8th March. It will be held in room 018 of Pascal building from 2 to 3 pm. The presentation will be in English. Title and abstract below.
You also can find a 180s teaser here :

Title : Blockchain-enabled trust and security in Distributed Systems

Abstract :
Improving road safety is one of the motivational factors for research in this area, and the widespread adoption of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSs) and Vehicular Ad-hoc NETworks (VANETs).
A VANET is a particular ad-hoc network formed by vehicles with processing and wireless communication abilities, evolving in an urban environment (streets or highways). Vehicles can communicate either directly or through an intermediary node. The main focus of security in VANETs and vehicular communications is on providing integrity of the exchanged messages and availability of the services that support them, rather than the confidentiality of what they contain. Providing accountability, i.e. a way to identify the communicating entities and held them accountable for the messages they broadcast, in vehicular communications is essential. It ensures that any faulty or misbehaving node is identified, revoked, eventually punished for its actions and subse- quent consequences. However, the presence of such an identifying mechanism poses a privacy risk to the users, even when they are behaving honestly.
This thesis focuses on the delicate trade-off between anonymity and traceability in distributed systems such as ITSs. We study the use of blockchains in the construction of privacy-preserving yet accountable threshold cryptographic primitives, and their application to the case of VANETs.

publie le mardi 8 mars 2022