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Titre : Energy-efficient and QoS aware Opportunistic Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

Abstract :
Recently, network coding has been proposed as a complementary solution for opportunistic routing in WSNs. Network coding consists of intelligently aggregating data packets, which considerably reduces the number of transmissions in the network. In this paper, we propose a novel Opportunistic Routing Protocol with Network Coding for WSNs. The proposed protocol is adapted to WSNs by meeting multiple QoS requirements and dealing the energy constraint. Therefore, it characterizes the network with multiple metrics by using new candidate selection and network coding coordination methods. The candidate selection method considers reliability as a performance estimator for selecting the best candidate forwarders. Then, the prioritization of the selected set is made according to the transmission delay. The main advantages of this selection method are noticeable in the reduced number of the candidate forwarders, Moreover, the energy consumption and the packet overhead are reduced as well as improvement in the network lifetime. Added to this, the prioritization based on the delay lead to less end-to-end delay and highest throughput. The Network coding coordination method aims to improve network throughput and energy consumption by combining received data packets before forwarding. This strategy purposes to guarantee reliability and latency requirements for WSNs while reducing the energy consumption and achieving an obvious improvement on the throughput and the network lifetime.

Keywords : Opportunistic Routing, Network Coding, WSNs, Energy, QoS.

publie le mardi 6 avril 2021