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      Larisa Grčić, de l’université de Zadar, présentera ses travaux lors d’un séminaire du laboratoire le 22 février à 14h en salle 018

Titre :

At the intersection of the domains : the terminology of the sustainable development

Résumé :

This talk will discuss recent work on creating and sharing the EU CONNEXUS termbase, a new terminological resource to support experts and students in integrating different fields of knowledge in the domain of sustainability. Our work takes into account different levels of disciplinary integration from multi to inter and trans, drawing on knowledge from different disciplines and requiring joint efforts from multiple stakeholders. A corpus-based approach is used to identify different fields of expertise that contribute to sustainable development. For this purpose we use the Courses Catalogue of the Minor Program in Coastal Development and Sustainable Maritime Tourism which is oriented to 5 key sectors : Biodiversity and Coastal Zone Management, Environmental Education, Human Geography, Sustainable Tourism and Coastal Engineering. Also discussed is the choice of an appropriate model for the termbase that can benefit from both reductionist and contextual approaches and the use of inclusive logic for transdisciplinary knowledge creation (instead of Classical exclusive logic) that assumes that things that are normally seen as antagonistic or contradictory can temporarily be reconciled to create new transdisciplinary knowledge.

Bio :

Larisa Grčić is an Associate Professor in Linguistics, with a research interest in Terminology, Terminography and Specialised Languages and Translation at the Department of French and Francophone Studies of the University of Zadar. She obtained a PhD from the University of Zadar for her work on a terminology description methodology for specialised translation. She recently made contributions to the nationally-funded research project TermFrame on "Karst terminology and knowledge frames across languages" and also on research projects on the translation of administrative texts and the specialised translation of intercultural communication.

publie le mardi 6 février 2024