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Luca Dini
Dirigeant de Holmes Semantic Solutions (Grenoble)
Le 12/03/2015 à 14h30, salle 018, bâtiment PASCAL.

Titre : Hybrid Methodologies for Tourism Oriented Text Mining
Résumé : The talk will focus on the challenges raised in the domain of tourism marketing by opinion analysis in particular and semantic extraction in general. The specific market is indeed demanding quite a fine grained analysis which can be achieved, for an optimal quality/costs/performances trade-off, only by mixing statistical and symbolical NLP technologies (Hybridization). Moreover it will be shown that, given the wide range of possible targetable features in the tourism domain, fast domain adaptability is also a key feature, which again raises as a consequence of the mix of manual configuration and semi-supervised Machine Learning technologies.
All these concepts will be exemplified by describing the Senti-Miner platform and showing the results on a real life application.

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