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Hannu Toivonen
Université d’Helsinki
Le 30/05/2017 à 14h, salle 018, RDC bâtiment PASCAL, Pôle Sciences et Technologie, Université de La Rochelle.

Titre : Creative Computers and Human-Computer Co-creation

Résumé : Computational creativity is the study of creative behavior by
computational means. This includes machine creativity, creativity support, and computational models of creativity in humans. In this talk, I will give a brief introduction to the research field and its central concepts. I will then focus on a particular form of creativity support, and present a formalization for creative collaboration between a human and a computer involving an alternating, iterative approach to co-creation.

Biography  : Hannu Toivonen is Professor of Computer Science at the University of Helsinki, Finland. The current focus of his research is on computational creativity, i.e., on computational processes leading to or supporting creative behavior. His broader research topics include data mining and data science, as well as their applications in natural language engineering, health informatics, bioinformatics, genetics, ecology, and mobile communications. Hannu has chaired the leading
conferences in computational creativity (ICCC 2015) and data mining (IEEE ICDM 2014, ICML 2008, ECML 2002, PKDD 2002). He serves in the Editorial Boards of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery and of Machine Learning.

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