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Mohamed-Lamine Messai présentera ses travaux lors d’un séminaire le Jeudi 29 Avril à 10h.

Talk : Key Management in WSNs : A tradeoff between resource consumption and Security

Abstrat :
Wireless Sensor networks (WSNs) are ubiquitous. They are the basic component of several Internet of Things (IoT)-based applications such as building monitoring, healthcare, smart cities, intelligent factories, ... etc. The use of WSN technology requires providing a level of security that depends on the application. A key technology on which the IoT relies is WSNs. WSNs are networks where sensor nodes is deployed and used to collect data and deliver them using mainly wireless communication to a specific node called base station of sink node. Establishing pairwise cryptographic keys for securing neighboring sensor node’s communications has a vital importance especially for sensitive applications. Due to resource limitations of sensor nodes, applying an asymmetric crypto-system is resource consuming compared to a symmetric crypto-system. However, key management is a challenging task. In this talk, I begin by presenting some related works on key management in WSNs. After that, I describe two of our contributions to solve the key management problem in WSNs. I conclude the talk by giving my current research work.

publie le mercredi 5 mai 2021