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Dr Shahrinaz Ismail, en séjour recherche au L3i du 3 au 16 octobre, fera un séminaire labo pour présenter ses travaux le mardi 8 octobre de 14h à 15h30 probablement en salle 018.

Biography :
Shahrinaz Ismail (PhD) is a Senior Lecturer at Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL), Malaysia. She has produced over 70 research publications since 2009, which include more than 20 Scopus-indexed papers. Shahrinaz is also an Associate Research Member of Centre for Agent Technologies, based in Universiti Tenaga Nasional, since 2011, in which she is actively involved in organising the International Symposium of Agents, Multi-agent System and Robotics under this research cluster. She is part of the UniKL journal committee called JTeC, as well as being postgraduate co-supervisor, invited reviewer, judge and assessor outside of UniKL. Shahrinaz has led a team of researchers to win bronze medals at the international research and innovation competitions, MTE2018 and ITEX2018. Her research domain interest is on process mining, agent-mediated knowledge management, among many others.

Résumé de la 1ère présentation : Self-Regulated Learning Model in Online Learning Environment
The amount of data stored in an online learning environment provides an opportunity for a non-biased and more accurate data collection on self-regulated learning (SRL) behaviour. Digital natives today depend heavily on their own discipline to learn new knowledge online, hence there is a need to know whether they self-regulate their learning since it is a predictor to their academic achievements. Referring to a renowned SRL model, the activities in a Moodle-based online learning environment are mapped to the phases of self-regulated learning. The event logs from online learning database are extracted, filtered and imported to the process mining tool for further analysis on the SRL model. The results from this research will be presented, and further discussion will include the possible expansion of this research.

Résumé de la 2ème présentation : Personal Knowledge Management Process Model in Online Learning Environment
Living in the knowledge economy today, where it is about the survival of the most knowledgeable, has brought up the need to analyse whether the future graduates of a university is a good knowledge worker. The concept of knowledge management at personal level is adopted to look into this area, in which the processes involved are analysed based on the event logs of an online learning environment. A personal knowledge management (PKM) model is chosen for this purpose, in which the activities in the online learning environment are mapped to the PKM processes based on this model. This talk will present the results and findings from the process mining approach performed in this research, and further discussion will include the possible future work extended from here on.

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