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Adam Jatowt (invité par Antoine) Associate Professor de l’Université de Kyoto (Japon) fera un séminaire lundi 02 septembre à 11h dans la salle 019 du bâtiment Pascal.

Résumé : Across-time Knowledge Extraction from Long-term News Archives

These days the amount of content stored in document archives such as long-term news archives is rapidly increasing. This is due to widespread digitization and content curation initiatives aiming at preserving and disseminating our cultural heritage. Nevertheless, effective methods for temporal knowledge extraction from such archives and methods aiming at making sense of the available data are still generally missing. In this talk, we will describe our latest research towards making document archives such as newspaper article archives more usable and useful to users, both to professionals and average users. We will start with presenting our proposal for across-time summarization of historical data to compare news from the present and ones from the past time periods. Next, we will discuss our approach for summarizing entity histories such as histories of cities in the same country or biographies of certain celebrity groups. We will conclude the talk with the description of our research aiming to design methods for finding interesting and unusual content in archives.

publie le jeudi 29 août 2019