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Fakhri Torkhani
ISIT- ALCoV, Clermont-Ferrand
Le 01/04/2015 à 11h, salle 018, RDC bâtiment PASCAL, Pôle Sciences et Technologie, Université de La Rochelle.

Titre : Towards perceptual quality assessment of 3D meshes
Résumé : 3D Triangular meshes have been increasingly used in various applications, e.g., in digital entertainment, computer-aided design and medical imaging.
It is possible that a mesh model undergoes some lossy operations, e.g., compression, watermarking or simplification, which can impair the original mesh surface and introduce geometric distortions. An important task is to perceptually quantify such distortions and assess the visual quality of impaired meshes. The first part of this presentation focuses on the perceptual quality assessment of 3D static and dynamic meshes. We will present psychometric experiments that we conducted to measure the subjective perceptual quality of dynamic meshes. We also present new full-reference and reduced-reference objective metrics capable of faithfully evaluating the perceptual quality of 3D static and dynamic meshes.
In the second part of my talk, I will present an overview of my current work on perceptual selection of best point-of-view for 3D textured scenes.

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