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Lundi 8 juillet/Monday July 8th - 14:00-15:00, salle/room 018
(dans le cadre de/as a part of DataDoc summer school)

Intervenant/Speaker : Eiad Yafi, Université Kuala Lumpur
Titre/Title : Subjectivity in Data Analytics
Résumé/Abstract  :
Social networks produce enormous amount of data every single minute. Identifying the significance of this vast quantity of data presents challenges for data mining and sentiments analysis scientists. Very little work has been carried out in the field of mining Social Media Data in order to determine the important and the significance of a Facebook post, twitter tweet or YouTube link, subjectively. It is quite easy to identify the importance of social media quantities using statistics tools such as number of likes of a Facebook’ post or a Twitter’s tweet but it is really hard to identify the significance of these quantities subjectively i.e the ability to determine the significance of social media quantities based on the impact of those quantities on human being or the incitement caused in different fields and the proper utilization of newly discovered knowledge caused by certain social media quantities. In this talk, I will shed some light on the subjective measures of rules interestingness and its importance in the field of data analysis.

Biographie/biographie Riad Yafi

I am an Assistant Professor at the Malaysian Institute of Information Technology, Universiti Kuala Lumpur. I received my PhD in Computer Science from the Jamia Hamdard University, India in 2011 and Master of Computer Applications from the same university in 2004. Before joining UniKL, I was a faculty member at Arab International University Damascus, Syria. I am an active researcher in multiple research areas such Data Dining (Social media analysis and Subjectivity of rules interestingness), Application of Blockchain in cloud computing, Human Computer Interaction and ICTD. nCurrently, I’m a member of KLR-JIL joint research lab of UniKL & LRUniv.

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