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Ronan Sicre
Equipe Projet Texmex, IRISA/INRIA Rennes
Le 20/03/2015 à 14h30, salle séminaire, bâtiment Marie Curie.

Titre : Discovering and Aligning Discriminative Mid-Level Features for Image Classification
Résumé : First, I will present an overview of my work on image representations in various contexts.
Then, the focus will be on mid-level image representation for recognition purposes.
Specifically, a system for distinctive mid-level feature learning will be presented.
This method aims at (i) modeling categories as a set of distinctive parts that are discovered automatically,
(ii) aligning the parts across images while learning their visual model,
and, finally (iii) encoding images as sets of part descriptors.

publie le mardi 10 mars 2015