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Un séminaire labo aura lieu le jeudi 29 juin à 11h en salle 018.
Ha Nguyen Hoang de l’Université de Sciences & Technologies de Hanoi (Vietnam), invité par El-hadi, nous présentera ses travaux de recherche.

Sujet : Computer vision methods for automatic landmark detection of insect wing images"

Résumé : This talk presents our project on automatic landmark detection of insect wing images. Geometric morphometrics has become essential in insect morphology studies because it capitalizes on advanced quantitative methods to analyze shape. The shape could be digitized as a set of landmarks from specimen images. A domain expert usually annotates landmarks images ; however, it is time-consuming and error-prone. To tackle this problem, we developed automatic computer vision techniques which can be classified into two approaches. With the first one, so-called hand-crafted feature, we proposed a novel approach based on visual features of landmarks and keypoint matching idea. While still archiving comparable accuracy to the state-of-the-art method, our framework requires less initial annotated data to build a prediction model and runs faster. In the second direction, our exploration of different deep learning networks shows they can reach high accuracy. Nevertheless, the need for large training datasets and complicated training procedures makes it impracticable for ecological and biology communities.

publie le jeudi 22 juin 2023