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Gareth Howells
Reader in Secure Electronic Systems at the University of Kent in the UK
Le 10/12/2015 à 14h00, salle 018, bâtiment Pascal.

Title : Issues relating to the practical exploitation of ICmetric security technology
Abstract : The digital revolution has transformed the way we create, destroy, share, process and manage information, bringing many benefits in its wake with an ever increasing number of embedded consumer and communication devices at the heart of this revolution. However, such technology has also increased the opportunities for fraud and other related crimes to be committed. Therefore, as the adoption of such technologies expands, it becomes vital to ensure the integrity and authenticity of electronic digital systems and to manage, control access to and verify their identity. ICmetrics represents an exciting new approach for generating unique identifiers for embedded electronic devices and online services based on their determinable operating characteristics enabling secure encrypted communication between devices potentially significantly reducing both fraudulent activity such as eavesdropping and device cloning. This talk introduces the technical challenges associated with ICmetric technology and explores some of the practical considerations associated with its successful commercial exploitation.

publie le lundi 7 décembre 2015